Don't Buy the Bull Author, Cassandra ToroianCassandra Toroian, investment expert and founder of Bell Rock Capital, wrote Don’t Buy the Bull to help the average person stay on the right financial path post the financial collapse. Released in May 2010, it addresses and corrects the unfortunate investing and personal finance myths plaguing ordinary Americans. The book takes more complex financial concepts, and in some cases, simplifies them so that everyone can learn something – whether they are just starting out in life, running their own business, or a seasoned executive. “The foundations of many economic and financial theories have been proven wrong in the last year” says Cassandra. “I wrote this book because I was tired of seeing ordinary people confused, scared of losing their shirt, and sometimes their homes, because they were listening to old myths and the advice of so-called ‘financial gurus’.”

Cassandra is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Bell Rock Capital, a wealth management firm that invests each of its clients’ money in tailored, separately managed accounts. The firm is run in a team fashion, using fundamental analysis to invest in mostly only stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Cassandra was named one of the top five analysts in the country as a Wall Street Journal “All Star” Analyst for her stock picking in the banking sector in 1999. Because of her expertise she is a frequently used resource by national media, including Fox Business, Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg Television, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and various print media including The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Boston Globe.

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